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Smart Coffee Mug Cup Warmer Heating Coasters Usb Charging

Smart Coffee Mug Cup Warmer Heating Coasters Usb Charging

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1. When not in use for a long time, please unplug the power plug and use a clean cloth after the panel cools down.

Clean the body, pack it and store it for the next use

2. The hot pad panel will heat up when working, please do not touch the panel to avoid skin burns

3. If you want to clean the body, do not use a large area of ​​water to clean, you need to use a cloth dampened with a small amount of water to clean

Wash the body, don't call to clean


1. The heating is uniform, the heating is fast, the heating effect is excellent, and the heat preservation effect is good.

2. Three-level temperature adjustment design, to give you the temperature you want to meet different drinking preferences.

3. High definition digital display, intelligent constant temperature, light and portable.

4. Stainless steel panel, waterproof, impact resistant and easy to clean.

5. Suitable for various material containers, it can heat milk, coffee, etc.

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